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I’ve started this newsletter to celebrate creativity and document my creative journey, as I work on improving my craft. As 2022 comes to an end, I wanted to celebrate all the creators that inspire me every day and hope they will inspire you in return!

In this issue, you'll discover six talented creators and I will share with you my own creative goals for 2023.

In her own words, Rachel is a lover of history, folk music and hobbits. More importantly, she’s an incredibly talented filmmaker, seamstress and cosplayer. She uploads most Fridays videos on her YouTube channel where she attempts to create beautiful historical costumes, turn her home into a whimsical cottage or simply try on some Edwardian hairstyles.

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I love watching Rachel’s videos because the focus is always on her creative journey, which is often chaotic and hilarious. She never lets perfection gets in the way. That’s hugely inspiring to me: I tend to be a huge perfectionist, and that often inhibits my creativity.

If you’re a fan of whimsy, cottagecore aesthetic, crafty jokes and cute dogs, then go ahead and binge her channel! She will be launching a Patreon in January and I can’t wait, as I’ve been wanting to support her and get more content from her for a while.

Lily is an incredible artist from Canada who makes the most adorable illustrations, all available for sales on her Etsy shop - Rivulet Paper. Think armoured rabbits, mage hedgehogs and field mice smoking pipes… Her work is packed with magic, beauty and whimsy.

I bought six prints from her a couple of years ago and they are displayed proudly in my office, inspiring me daily to work on my own illustration skills and adding a little bit of magic to my day.

Chloe’s works shows how modern and relevant embroidery can be. Using free-hand needle painting, she captures the beauty of Yorkshire’s wildlife. I dream of owning one of her original pieces (if you can’t tell yet, I can’t resist cute rabbit designs!) but prints will have to do for now.

She also created embroidered book covers for classic novels and modern works published by Penguin Random House. I just love seeing embroidery being used across a wide range of media!

If you want to see more of Chloe’s art, go get her book or even take her Domestika course on needle painting!

Lindsay runs a calligraphy studio in Plymouth called Wild Sea Calligraphy, where she creates modern lettering art. She is, in my opinion, the master of flourishes!

More importantly, Lindsay is an amazing teacher. I was lucky enough to get 1:1 tuition from her when I was starting calligraphy and it definitely helped me get the basics right. Lindsay runs lots of online and in-person workshops, offers practice books on her online shop and she runs a great Patreon, with weekly Zooms and challenges.

If you’re into calligraphy, check out her book where she compiled calligraphy work from over 100 letterers for daily inspiration.

Molly is another calligrapher I follow closely. On top of being incredibly talented, she is the perfect example of these creators teaching everything they know. Her calligraphy business handbook has been a real help as I ventured in selling my work for the first time this year and I probably use her book on modern calligraphy on a weekly basis. Her newsletter is also a must-read.

If you’re into digital calligraphy, she developed the most perfect set of calligraphy brushes for Procreate. I exclusively use hers, including for the letting in this email!

Obviously, I had to have a florist on this list! Here’s Bex, an incredible flower grower, florist and artist from Devon. She grows and dries her flowers sustainably for her natural and seasonal dried-flower creations.

I attended a workshop with Bex this autumn where she taught us how to make a dried-flower dome. If you’re in the South West, I definitely recommend booking a session with her! If not, get to know her work through one of her books.

My creative goals for 2023

2022 was a bit of a weird year for me, creatively. I experienced uneven momentum as my small flower farm took most of my free time for six months of the year. As a result, I didn’t progress my calligraphy and sewing skills as much as I hoped.

2023 will be different as I won’t be growing flowers. It’s likely I’ll be moving house this year, and because running a cut flower garden is a big emotional and financial commitment, I’ve decided not to bother. I’ll still be gardening and volunteering for the National Trust, so you’ll still receive lots of flower content! You’ll just won’t be able to find me on markets - for now.

So, with that being said, here are my 2023 creative goals:

✍️ Continue to work on my calligraphy skills, with a dual focus on modern script and Copperplate

👀 Launch my Etsy shop by the summer, offering custom calligraphy items, commission slots and a Christmas card collection

🪡 Sew my first historical costume (18th century Highland dress, Outlander inspired)

🎨 Complete an illustration on Procreate course through Domestika (already started!)

💌 Send a monthly newsletter (here!) documenting my progress on all the goals set out above and sharing everything I learn along the way

This is the perfect time of the year to reflect and set goals for yourself. Now, I’m curious - what are your creative goals for the New Year?

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